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Rapyuta is your gateway to the possibilities of what Robots can accomplish. This one-stop platform is designed for robotic transformations giving you smarter robots, higher efficiencies and operational visibility resulting in scalability,predictable outcomes and timelines for your business.

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One Stop Robotics Platform


Freedom Flexibility

What Comes Out Of the Box

Intelligence Layer

Distributed intelligence that gives your heterogeneous multi-robot system robustness and agility

Enterprise Only

Composition Tooling

Compose, simulate, and deploy your applications with the community all in one place

Enterprise Only

Computation Layer

Build, ship, monitor, and control distributed applications running on any machine anywhere

Software Catalog

Leverage software features from all across the globe. Batteries included for Enterprise Clients: laser-based localization, navigation, and depalletization

Communications Layer

Secure and scalable machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud communication with ROS compatibility

Machine Layer

Remotely monitor machines and collect logs/metrics in a scalable way - via APIs or Web UIs

Hardware Catalog

Choose the hardware that best suits your needs or offer your hardware to the world!

Current Use Cases

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Take advantage of our years of research and domain expertise in robotics transformations and solutions.

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