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Empowered, When
Robots Work Together

Fast forward your solution development with production ready infrastructure, fleet management AI engine, hardware and software catalogue, and simulation for multi robot operations in dynamic environments

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Value Propositions

Easy Installation

No need to stop or change existing operations or environment

Simple UI and Workflows

Ramp up faster with improved efficiency

Empowered Operators

PA-AMRs can bring the items instead of operators, resulting in better working environment while improving productivity


With the help of Fleet Management AI powered by rapyuta.io robotics platform, tasks are optimally assigned to appropriate robots, and each robots run through the warehouse smoothly and safely


No vendor lock-in, configurable system depending the operation flow and required capacity

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Take advantage of our years of research and domain expertise in robotics transformations and solutions.

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Key Differentiators

Proprietary Software

It is made by Rapyuta Robotics, independent of third party.

Fleet management AI

Multiple robots coordination technology with excellent group control AI


rapyuta.io robotics platform enables coordination with different types of robots such as autonomous forklift, AGV, robot arms, etc.


On small aisle warehouses, narrow isles, operation flows, with high safety standards