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As a wide-eyed kid, or as a student, every true engineer dreams about doing cool things with Robots. Thinking it is too long a shot, millions of us give up. Gajan, our CEO did not. As we venture to solve tough problems, we need the best of humanity to work with Robots. Sounds interesting, read on!

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Why Rapyuta?

From electrical, mechanical, software to cloud, in Rapyuta Robotics you will find experts from literally every area that a robotics solution needs. Our problem statement brings together the sharpest minds from the globe and we are extremely proud of the multicultural setup of our team. If you are a fearless yet empathetic person with a strong drive then you will definitely feel at home.

Our Values


An innate biologically determined urge towards the mission


The ability to connect and understand others’ emotions, needs, and thoughts


Transparency + Inclusivity

First Principles

Boil things down to fundamental truths and reason up from there


Befriending the fear


The art of maximizing the work not done

Our Perks



Multinational Culture (80+ Rapyutians
from 12 countries)



About Us

We are a spin-off from ETH Zurich’s RoboEarth team that built an internet for robots. Taking this know-how to Rapyuta Robotics we’ve built a platform that provides fundamental building blocks and infrastructure required to build and operate enterprise-grade robotics solutions. As a platform provider we co-create with our enterprise clients and collaborate with a lot of international partners to bring things to market with speed and reliability. The learning that comes from diversity of the projects/robots and ecosystem is one of the exciting things that makes us jump out of the bed everyday!

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If working with us excites you and your desired profile is not listed above,
please email us your cv with a cover note on work@rapyuta-robotics.comand we will get right back in touch.